Arlene Distler


"Distler’s parallax vision reveals both the visceral and emotional interiors of her subject matter, especially as it evanesces before her, whether it be an octopus getting cleaned or those she has loved and lost. These are moving lyrical poems that transcend mere experience with a distilled wisdom that’s resonates with spontaneous freshness."

Chard deNiord, most recently author of Night Mowing, and The Double Truth, Associate professor of English at Providence College and founder of the New England College MFA poetry program.

"Arlene Distler's poems are original, perceptive; songs of the water and the hum of the earth, deeply observed.
Distler's lifegiving poems inspire our becoming –– these poems of passion birthed on the precipice of joy and pain. She dazzles in the painted winds of transformation evoking empathy's root and source with her world vision."

Terry Hauptman, Poet/Painter
Author of On Hearing Thunder, and Rattle

"A superb collection of poems – each finely crafted, full of life and fresh language. Vermont’s cold streams and the broken projects of youthful farms, Afghan women in Burkas, lentils on the stove, fish counters and fish mongers, sunlight, and loss inhabit these poems, unburdened by emotional baggage but filled, rather, with insight and compassion. I suggest sitting down and reading this collection as one piece – and then come back over time to savor morsels."

Kate Gleason, author of Measuring the Dark (Zone 3 Press) and director of Writers Submit, a literary submitting and editing service

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